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Vision Photo Blinds Measuring Guide

Find out how to measure for your custom roller blind with our detailed guide


There are three ways to measure for custom made blinds. For fitting inside a window recess use Recess Measurement. For fitting outside a recess use the Exact Measurement. For multiple blinds e.g. a bay window or conservatory use Cloth Measurement.

It is imperative that the measurements are accurate as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect dimensions. We recommend using a steel tape measure to take the measurements in millimetres. Please consider carefully where the brackets will fix and if in any doubt please consult an expert.

Recess Measurement

This is for fitting a blind inside a window recess.

Recess Width

  • Take 3 measurements as shown on the diagram on the right (green arrows).
  • The smallest of these 3 measurements is the recess width.
  • We will make the necessary deductions for the brackets and chain control. Spacers may be necessary if you intend to fix to the side of the recess.

Recess Drop

  • Take 3 measurements as shown on the diagram on the right (red arrows).
  • The smallest of these 3 measurements is the recess drop.

Exact Measurement

This is the finished blind width including the chain mechanism and brackets. The printed material will be 30mm narrower than the measurement entered (e.g. an Exact Measurement of 1600mm would result in a material width of 1570mm).

Exact Width

  • Measure your window recess width then add your required overlap. We recommend adding 75mm at each side of the window (150mm total) to avoid gaps and provide a high level of privacy.

Exact Drop

  • Measure your window recess height then add your required overlap (top and bottom). We recommend adding at least 75mm at the top to allow the blind to roll up fully above the recess.

Cloth Measurement

This is used when the width of the cloth is important e.g. for multiple blinds (bay windows, conservatories etc.).


  • When measuring for multiple blinds you need to allow a minimum gap of 30mm between blinds for the brackets and chain mechanism.
  • Measure the exact widths and drop of where you would like your blind cloths to be.

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